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Spitting on Hans' tosti

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Tosti'sPosted by Karin Bosman Dec 21, 2015 19:04

It was like a frozen hart just answered me when I asked him if he could please look after the new colleague. The whole idea of a new female colleague in the theatre made my stomach turn around and the memories of Mister attracting victims into his stable make me sick.

It all started with a message of my former colleague ‘One Coffee Too Many’ on LinkedIn. A post in which he states that the company is looking for close contact, as in we look for new colleagues. I read his message: “Work in a close team with nice colleagues like me ;)) and for top brands, we look for a new project manager. Apply now!” The effect this messages has on me surprises me, gross, a close team? For me a little too close with ‘Sir’ and ‘The Mrs.’ in the workplace. Nice colleagues? Yeh sure, of whom most of them see how ‘Sir’ abuses his power, but don’t want or dare to say. Afraid of losing their job, afraid to be the next victim, or just because that’s the easiest way, to look the other way. The top brands, as ‘One Coffee Too Many’ mentions in his message, left the theatre with the 3 witnesses and me. The message with the vacancy makes me angry, because how is it possible that after all that the colleagues have seen what I have been trough, they help to recruit potential victims. And this while he is applying his ass off to get out of the theatre, downright impudent. But it’s not just the behavior, the fear and the self-centeredness of former colleagues that pisses me off. I wanted to and had to go through so much to make sure ‘Sir’ couldn’t destroy more people. But after everything and all the details I’ve shared with lawyers, counselors, courts and the media, this man let’s ‘Sir’ carry out his criminal acts. No personal punishment for ‘Sir’, but only a fine for the company is how the Dutch government thinks to protect the workplace. Instead it makes the offenders of sexual harassment and other workplace bastards feel immune, it creates a hostile work environment where there’s space for aggression, violence and harassment. It’s absurd but also reality.

“Could you please make sure he doesn’t do the same to another female colleague.” ‘Mister Supine’ replies: “Yes, but it’s not that simple you know. I may assume that he has learned his lesson!” What did you learn from it all ‘Mister Supine’. Did you learn that much that you now will speak out when your employer ‘Sir’ says to your colleague that she can easily ‘have’ the ink toner of the copier. Oh no, you didn’t hear it correctly that day, you thought ‘Sir’ said, “he wanted to shove a marzipan Christmas log inside of me”… Why is it after all you’ve seen still not that simple? Why is it so hard to prevent another colleague from tottering on the brink of a catastrophe? What is the problem with ‘One Coffee Too Many’ to, as a Judas of the colleagues, bring in new toys to satisfy his master. The sacrifices he has to make to keep his job, the humiliating boredom, at Sir’s theater. It’s outrageous that ‘Sir’ gains his pleasure from the fact that he has ‘One Coffee Too Many’ doing nothing for days, with the knowledge that ‘One Coffee Too Many’ will feel useless, this abuse of power is what gives ‘Sir’ his ego boost.

Sir made her his victim, fortunately with his harassment, resistance instead of weakness was born in the stable of the theater. She had to wait for the three kings of the workplace (and a former colleague) to release her. ‘The Cross-eyed Angel’, ‘The Angel´ and `Ear buds Man´. Colleagues who gave up their job with their testimony against ‘Sir’ and his sexual harassment.

The last 18 months I´ve gone into great depth on what sexual harassment in the workplace exactly is, what it does with victims and bystanders. Why an offender needs the workplace harassment. Looked for answers and solutions on how to define, recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. When a bystander (colleague) dares to speak out, in 42% of the cases the sexual harassment in the workplace will stop immediately. Just imagine how much grief can be prevented when colleagues learn how they can report this crime in a careful and solid way. And how many employers really know the procedures in case of a complaint of undesirable behavior. Valuable information from studies and my personal experience has been transformed into effective trainings and workshops. Furthermore I want to ensure a safe workplace with my policy advice towards employers and employees and of course the Smartphone app Workplace Harassment Hotline.

The nature of the offenders and perpetrators of sexual harassment in the workplace are also a part of my training. Because what did ‘Sir’ actually learn from his acts, absolutely nothing. ‘Sir’ received from the Court the confirmation of his imaginary immunity. This is the immaculate conception of an offender of sexual harassment, just because he’s the owner of the company.

For how employers and employees can get aware of their responsibilities and possibilities whenever there’s a case of sexual harassment, please visit www.aboutworkplaceharassment.com

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe work environment for everyone in 2016.

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