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Where do we draw the line

Tosti'sPosted by Karin Bosman Jan 05, 2016 19:16
Make a statement against companies who choose to continue to work with or for offenders of ‘sexual’ workplace harassment.

Because filing a complaint of sexual workplace harassment feels like being crucified a lot of people keep their silence. Not only the victims but also the bystanders often feel viciously ashamed about the sexual harassment that is happing to their colleagues. A lot of the fear stems from ignorance; a lack of knowledge and trust.

Campaigns like #ibelieveyou and ‘Where do you draw the line’ are extremely important for victims and bystanders who have experienced sexual workplace harassment. But are we aware of this experience, do we know how to recognize it. Perhaps we see it on a daily bases but we can only identify the feeling and not the definition. Let's be honest, do you really know what sexual harassment contains or do you prefer to look away when you recognize that behavior. When you are too afraid to take a breath and think that you’ll be safe. But it’s the other way around because your silence creates a hostile work environment for everybody. Employers, employees, students, every human being should be informed and advised on how to handle sexual workplace harassment.

Recruiters like Indeed refuse to work with companies who have been charged guilty of sexual workplace harassment. Or how the Dutch government likes to describe it: ‘lack of duty of care’. I’m grateful that Indeed draw that line, not for me, but for recognition, protection and prevention.

When we are believed we help you to draw that line, yes Indeed.

Know how to handle sexual workplace harassment and contact us http://aboutworkplaceharassment.com/contact.html

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