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The effect of a dozen attorneys

Tosti'sPosted by Karin Bosman Jan 15, 2016 16:04

“We have a dozen attorneys who provide this type of information”, she told me. But something goes wrong because ‘this type of information’ is hardly effective enough.

HR managers who think that attorneys providing them on a regular basis with information about sexual workplace harassment is enough to stop this growing epidemic, should reconsider. Sure the information that comes from attorneys about sexual workplace harassment cases is very important, but will not give you a comprehensive view on the effects of sexual workplace harassment. These attorneys most likely will share their knowledge on vicarious liability, your company policy and other legal issues concerning this subject. But what about empowering your employees to change the behaviour or educate the staff for handling a complaint of sexual harassment humanely. Because like my attorney mentioned after my lawsuit, when I was outraged about the fact that superiors are that falsely protected by law: “Karin, you’ve only seen a tip of the iceberg”. Personal persecutions for crimes like sexual workplace harassment seem to be impossible when offenders, helped by their employers, enjoy an unfairly escape. With this escape for the offender and the employer having to pay the fine, are we thus satisfied with this type of information provided by attorneys?

Employers and government agencies have besides a legal also a moral responsibility to provide a safe workplace for every employee. This principal concern of ethics seems to be an omission in the approach against workplace harassment. Prevention and protection based on information only serviced by attorneys on legal responsibilities fails short because it doesn’t show the bigger picture, which means that the one-sided information is insufficient. That what contributes the most is not always morally justified.

Therefore employers and authorities have to make sure they are advised and educated on their moral responsibilities as well. About Workplace Harassment believes in empowerment and awareness by sharing the comprehensive experience of (sexual) workplace harassment. How (sexual) workplace harassment starts, the process, reactions of colleagues, your private life, policies, complaint filing, etc. Based on this theory we share our knowledge about how to define, recognize and prevent (sexual) workplace harassment.

For a peak behind the real lived experience of sexual workplace harassment, contact www.aboutworkplaceharassment.com and we’ll show you how to change unwanted behaviour at the workplace. How to handle a complaints procedure humanely and of course we speak about which steps (legally) will or will not be effective.

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